False criminal emails being reported to the FBI

Pueblo, CO – A Colorado Springs newscaster that Paulson told KOAA about today is believed to be the one who created two false emails and sent them to Jenny Paulson, co-signer of a ballot initiative, within a day of her being named in a pending class action lawsuit for the false reporting on a ballot item two weeks ago.

Someone, who was obviously retaliating, created the first false email address early September 13 and blasted out hate emails to Paulson, talking about m and m’s and absurdities, then created a second email address at 9 pm, which is being turned into the FBI’s Internet Complaint Center for further investigation and possible charges of harassment, identity theft, impersonation and more.

The first emails came within days of the reporter being told that she would be sued for false reporting, and within a day of a message sent to KOAA stating that the reporter and tv station had created “fake news” and refused to correct a grossly incorrect airing two weeks ago, that aired just once and was taken down after complaints were made by Paulson to the new station that very night.

The first immature emails were blasted out all day long, responded to by Paulson in a professional manner. The person blasting the emails admitted she was a reporter for a “news station” and refused to give a name just saying “You can simply call me “good citizen” or “seasoned journalist”—whichever you prefer. :-)”

In another email, the person almost made it obvious who she was when she said, “When is your lawsuit going to be filed? Are you willing to do an interview?” as Paulson had refused to go on camera with her, stating to her about misreports from 2016 from another reporter from KOAA, of which the station again aired only once then shut down because of complaints.

At 9 pm yesterday, most likely the same reporter created a second false email and emailed Paulson and three tv stations saying that a false person named “Jackie Morgan” at an email that all media has since been alerted to block, was taking over pr for the ballot item.  
In the false press release sent out from the false email to KOAA, KKTV and KRDO, dated September 13, the person “Jackie” claims to be now handling public relations for Paulson then says, “She brings passion and energy to her work and has a vested interest in the Pueblo community and southern Colorado region.”

Then who is most likely the KOAA reporter, continues to mock Paulson in an Onion type of way saying what Paulson, who was a reporter for 15 years, would never say: “She sits right up there next to Walter Cronkite and reports on various issues and problems impacting her neighborhood.” 

She mentions a book Paulson said to the public she’s working on Pueblo Neighborhood Project: Restoring Pueblo Block by Block, “Paulson is working with various local leaders and community members to make Pueblo a better and safer place for everyone. She welcomes feedback and will be writing about her experiences in an upcoming book.” 
Then the likely KOAA reporter mocks Paulson again, “Her book is projected to sell millions of copies and limited pre-orders will be taken.” The email then ends where the criminal charges of impersonation and identity theft may begin, with: “If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with me.”
Because of the descriptions  in the email, the person who did this is almost certainly the same reporter from KOAA that Paulson says false reported on a ballot item two weeks ago, saying Paulson had “no comment” when in fact she fully explained information to the reporter in front of witnesses and then refused to go on camera saying that KOAA had false reported last year and that they had no “trustworthiness.”
Despite that KOAA was asked multiple times to correct two blatant errors in the slanderous show, and were told that a possible class action suit would be filed against them, they refused. KOAA was also made aware, just before the harassing emails from most likely their employees, that Paulson is now driving an effort to collect complaints for the FCC, using her case as an example that Pueblo is not the same market as COS and that Pueblo should have it’s own tv stations with local reporters who have an understanding of the City, that shouldn’t be secondary to the Springs. 

Paulson talked to general manager of KOAA, Evan Pappas, who said today that KOAA is doing an “internal investigation into this” and has been aware for weeks of the allegations of the misreporting. He was asked to provide an apology, a correction and recourse for the station’s irresponsible reporting and was told that the FBI may track down the ip address and can charge the reporter who most likely did this.

Paulson believes that the internal investigation should have been made within a day of the false reports and that concessions should have been made, including an formal apology to her, and corrections to the story about ballot item 300, the Citizen’s Violence and Crime Reduction Act of 2017 that KOAA had been informed fully about.

She says they had the information, the ballot item language and still false reported for the second year in a row, making it possible criminal libel. Paulson is awaiting response from the FBI to see if an investigation can be made into the ip address, and the street address tracked to prove that it was indeed this reporter. She says that the details of the emails make it almost certainly her, as she says that Paulson had sent meme’s to her station, and this was only one of two stations where anything was sent and only once.

Paulson has saved emails of her professional requests for the station to make corrections and says that KOAA should have attended to her allegations this year and last, that they refused to provide the video from last year. A class action suit is being drafted to include the reporter, the false report this year and last. The Pueblo Chieftain’s reporter Peter Roper, friends with the tv reporters at KOAA, is also being named in the class action lawsuit, which will be released shortly.

All media has been informed by Paulson to block the false person “Jackie Morgan” and the email address, that she remains the contact for 300, although there will be especially victim spokespersons made available. The legislation is at www.PuebloCeasefire.com and a full website will be made available to the public shortly – it is for programs for police and community based non profits to turnaround Pueblo. The class action lawsuit will detail the false reports and the motives behind them, plus other false reports made by the Chieftain for years.

Paulson says her group has tried to avoid lawsuits in the past, already has a suit filed against the City Attorney who has violated election laws and false reported as well as the City Clerk, and that the suit proves that the City, which reporters have been made aware, of the proof of the City Attorney’s continued negligent legal work and that another malpractice suit is pending.

This is the website for complaints to the FBI if you ever are harassed, spammed or stalked in a criminal way – https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx/

Southern Colorado Independent Magazine publisher Jenny Paulson is a 20 year veteran niche magazine publisher, an independent journalist, photographer, publisher, blogger, activist, world traveler and a proud mom. She has worked as a political activist, for a lobbyist, a pr firm, the governor and for a representative in Washington DC. She has lived in her home of Pueblo, CO ten years.

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Southern Colorado Independent Magazine publisher Jenny Paulson is a 20 year veteran niche magazine publisher, an independent journalist, photographer, publisher, blogger, activist, world traveler and a proud mom. She has worked as a political activist, for a lobbyist, a pr firm, the governor and for a representative in Washington DC. She has lived in her home of Pueblo, CO ten years.
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